Bad social customs and traditions must be discarded

Mawaddah Association held a workshop with the participation of Mawaddah women, at the Kultur Lieben Association hall in Berlin on Friday 04/02/2022
titled: Bad social customs and traditions must be discarded.
Social habits play a key role in building society and its progress, and in establishing positive and constructive relationships between all members of society. Therefore, the continuation of bad habits in society contributes to its decline and the decline in the level of good relations between its members.
Every society or human group has customs that are formed over the course of days and develop to become an integral part of this society, and these habits are preserved through repetition that forces them to become a basic habit.
Certainly, some legacies of customs and traditions that are inherited from grandparents to fathers were true and positive, so they still exist to this day that must be preserved, in addition to some negative legacies that should be minimized and ignored in order to fade and end.