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It is a charitable organization concerned with the family as one integrated entity and it’s the first part of society and together with it will fit in a community of events and it contrasts to the fragmentation and chaos. Communicating with the parents and understanding and agreeing upon the outline of the upbringing of the family are the cornerstone in the formation and maintenance of an integral family. While having the inability to cope with the differences and the consequent of non-positive results have a direct negative effect on society

Our Activities
26 Jul15:56
26 Jul15:56
Jul 2022
Jul 2022

Computer course for women

On 23.07.2022, the association held the first workshop for its first session of computer education for women in Kultur Lieben…

26 Jul15:38
26 Jul15:38

Children’s drawing course

  On 23.07.2022, the association held the first workshop of its second session to teach drawing for children in the…

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