Mawaddah Organization in Berlin

Mawaddah e.V. is a non-profit ortanization in Berlin that deals with the family as a whole. Since the family is a fundamental part of the society, making sure the family is doing well means the society will flourish, and on the contrary, if the family is separated and torn, it will lead to the collapse of society. When parents are capable of communicating and agreeing on the guidelines for good parenting, this lays the groundwork for the formation and maintenance of the family, whilst the inability to cope with differences will affect the family negatively and further lead to negative effects on society. Hence the importance of working with the family.

It is undisputed that the benefit of this work will reflect positively on the different age groups suffering the scourge of war, the cruelty of fleeing and seeking refuge in a new society. It is necessary to deal with the negative effects of the war and the rehabilitation of the family so that it would become an active member of society.

Our concept

Our idea stems from the increase in psychological and social problems suffered by refugee families.

Accordingly, we see that the solution to the problems and difficulties lies in:

  • Recognize the problem itself and recognize its existence
  • Discuss ways of solving the problems, difficulties and negative effects by listening to their problems, discussing and dialoguing with them to get to the reasons that led to these problems and give advice, opinion and necessary counseling by specialists to find a solution to restore their mental peace and work with them so they adapt to the new conditions around them .
  • Legal awareness is necessary to integrate into the German society by explaining the German laws and the need to abide them . This would save the large administrative effort that was provided by Germany and reduces the cost incurred by both the state and the breakers of the law.

Our motto

Together, hand in hand, for a happier life.
We are here for you

Our Services


  • We provide psycho-social and family counseling, listening to problems and finding solutions to them, and enhancing capabilities and skills in a manner appropriate to all age groups through counseling sessions, meetings, seminars and rehabilitative training courses.
  • Work to prevent the causes and factors causing the phenomenon of transgression of German law and take all appropriate measures to rehabilitate the transgressors in a way that ensures their preparation for social adaptation in order to achieve social security.
  • Holding seminars and lectures in various professional, social and cultural fields, and opening the way for discussion and dialogue

As we pay special attention to the talented and creative people at all levels and from all age groups

Our Methodology

It is being evaluated that these people with their respectful situations and their needs should be cared after through specialized visits held for this purpose and then design programs to meet these needs and arrange follow-ups later as needed with them to determine the effectiveness of the services provided to them

The Targeted Group

The targeted groups are the direct beneficiaries of this assembly and all are Arabic-speaking refugees of all age groups who need this type of service

Ways to reach the goals we aspire for
  • Rehabilitation of families through practical courses in order to understand the importance of communication and its ways to do so
  • Supporting the families in order to integrate with the community as they are a major part of it, thus, must maintain its stability and security
  • Activation of the family members’ roles in the community by creating opportunities
  • Researching the refugees’ issues and finding effective resolutions
  • Contact between us and Governmental & NGOs must be established in order to set up a concrete basis of shared experiences

All under the condition that these actions are implemented according to the rules and regulations of specialized authorities


  • Solve the family’s issues so it would do its main role as the children’s first parent and a main influence on society
  • Embrace of family and work at the direction and guidance to improve the situation of the family and raise the cultural level
  • Support anything that would highlight and enhance the family’s role in providing service and developing their community
  • Supporting children through the provision of the means of knowledge and skills
  • Attention to youth and to contain the problems and the difficulties they face and work to find appropriate solutions to them
  • Discover Talents in various cultural fields. intellectual, artistic, attention and direct them to areas that would accept them and develop them
psychological counseling:

 The demand for psychological counseling has increased exponentially recently. As the individual goes through critical periods in his/her life, sometimes it may result in developing a  behavioral disorder during which the individual may needs counseling in several areas such as family, social, and marital counseling. Attending to these needs will help the individual fulfill his /her role in the community. These counseling services is provided to individuals if all ages.

Our goals
  • To reignite the motivation in one-self to seek the life they have envisioned and promote self-confidence to help them acclimate with themselves and their society
  • Training the individual on problem-solving skills and how to prevent expected problems (preventive psychological counseling).
  • Develop the individual’s basic skills, for example (effective communication skill).
How to provide psychological counseling

 Psychological counseling is a set of sessions that provides an opportunity for individuals to help them be self-aware and equipped with powerful skills in all areas of life that will give them the ability to adapt to the changes of life and enhance psychological immunity.  These sessions are designed to provide the individual the space where they can express their feelings freely.


The family is considered to be the buzzing cell of our society. It is the most crucial organization of guidance where all life ethics are learnt

On this basis, we started working on raising awareness about social assimilation according to the German laws in order to provide a stable income and lifestyle to such family members.

Working Methodology
  • Our main focus is on the parents where we educate them about their responsibilities towards their children especially in a foreign land, thus, they must fulfill the expectations as the German community is in rapid, constant change.
  • Training the families to achieve inner peace and serenity as such an environment is vital for stability.
  • Providing intellectual immunity and protecting family members from extreme, destructive thinking.
  • Raising awareness and preventing intellectual extremism
  • Overcoming obstacles regarding assimilation within the German society
  • Rehabilitation of sexual and domestic abuse survivors on a working agenda based on confidentiality

Childhood is a person’s most sensitive stage as children tend to be physically, mentally and emotionally vulnerable. At a young age, a child is like a sponge absorbing his environment, thus, it is quite important to take care while raising up the child as whatever happens, leaves an impact that stays with him/ her through his/her life

In order to reach such a level, we work on raising the living standards of family members and raising awareness regarding the setup of the child. This is done by following the regulations of Children Rights and by setting up an example through parental guidance and coursework

Our Goals
  • Protecting the child and setting up a safe environment in order for him/her to flourish
  • Raising awareness first to the parents, and then the interpretation of the different levels of needs, rights, abuse, and interference for child protection

The teenage phase is one of the most important phases that a person goes through, for a person’s personality is shaped based on their experiences and insights. Also, based on the body’s maturity, and social relationships that a person willingly chooses.

Teenage years end with huge goals and ambitions. Young adults are precious aspects of the society because they push life forward.

Our vision

We clarify the strategic importance of young adults’ roles in the social and economical developments

From here we get hope that young adults help their society through physical and social activities

Our goals

  • We want to strengthen the positive energy that surrounds young adults by making them indulge in activities that strengthen their skills.
  • change the stereotypical view of young adults as being an out of control challenge to being our partners during decision making processes.
  • We increase the international and atheltic activties that unites young adults based on their skills and strength.
  • We want to make sure that job opportunities are available and that the jobs suit nit only the education they received but also the skills the person has.

Everyone is capable of being creative and innovating, unless they decide they do not want to.

Creativity is every single original idea that can be held for its authenticity and ability to be useful and utilitarian

Our Goal
  • We aspire to discover innovators and creators in order to guide them towards organizations that shall build up to their gift
  • This shall be done through competitions, programs and tests in order to assess their levels of creativity
Extracurricular Activities

It is undoubtable that the ‘fun’ aspect of life is no less important than its rivals as it reflects positive outcome on the family members

From our perspective, we intend to cover all life aspects especially extracurricular ones where we shall set up entertaining, cultural, social gatherings that fit all age groups so that everyone is able to participate

The gathering involves sport activities, team building activities and intellectual mind games

Funded by

House of Resources Berlin